Ethereum Classic removes “difficulty bomb” with successful upgrade

The so-called “difficulty bomb” has been successfully diffused by Ethereum Classic.

This so called bomb was a feature which was designed to increase the difficulty of mining its blockchain. This code was a feature of the original Ethereum codebase, this was later split into Ethereum classic and Ethereum.

Developers involved in the project stated that the network was upgraded successfully at block 5,900,000.

Ethereum Classic removes “difficulty bomb” with successful Blockchain Fork-BC FOCUS

CoinDesk talked to the developers involved in the project. They said that the software for most exchange nodes and mining pools had been updated well before the fork. But the exact percentages in terms of how many nodes updated their software is difficult to account for. This is mainly due to the lack of available tools.

The hours immediately after the fork are crucial and it’s necessary to quickly identify any ill effects or bugs from the fork. But in this case there was no indication of either immediately after the fork. They expect the upgrade to lessen the time it takes for creating blocks.

This upgrade has put in some distance, both technologically and ideologically between Ethereum classic and Ethereum. The Ethereum Classic community still stays rooted to the proof-of-work consensus system thought the Ethereum community is transitioning to proof-of-stake. The members of the ETC community think that centralization is still the best way to achieve consensus over block validation.

Validators (miners) in proof-of-work systems need to continuously invest in hardware and therefore in the blockchain. This seems to be one of the basic reasons that they advocate for this method of achieving consensus.

Talks of plans for the fork started in 2016 but there were extensive discussions and after much careful consideration, it was executed. For this reason, since there was a consensus in the community there was no controversy or complications in executing the fork.

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