Easy To Use Cryptocurrency And Coin Analysis?

What Is CitiCash?

CitiCash is a cryptocurrency built to end the complicated nature of cryptocurrencies, enable everyone to enter the world of digital money without any difficulties. The coin is made for everyday payments, both within and outside the cryptocurrency world. It utilizes a debit card, which allows users to use CitiCash coins in their wallet to make payments online, buy stuff from retail stores and pay for food at restaurants among other places.

Besides storing coins for use, users can use the wallet to send and/or receive CitiCash coins. The company is also working on upgrades that will allow you to also convert your coins into other types of cryptocurrencies within your wallet. For instance, you could choose CitiCash as your input digital currency and Bitcoin as your output digital currency, and the conversions happen automatically in the background.

CitiCash utilizes the Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) technology to ensure maximum anonymity and security. With this technology, virtually no one can be able to identify your identity or track your personal details back to you.

CitiCash CCH Token ICO Details

CitiCash public sale is already live with the coins hard cap set at 130,000,000 CCH. According to the company, the total emission of these coins will be 1 billion in the first 20 years, and then 1 billion coins will available for mining.

The company also says that the algorithmic inflation will be activated, which will see 2,103,840 more coins been injected into the circulation each year. All this is means to ensure there’s sufficient total supply of the coins suppose there will be coins lost over time.

CitiCash Cryptocurrency And Coin Analysis Road Map

CitiCash appears to have a clear and workable plan to make the project a reality. It has set milestones over a period of time to help its team work on the project and deliver as expected. So far, the company has had the first block mined, launching the CitiCash network successfully. It has also launched a mining pool, developed the blockchain explorer, released the desktop wallet, and recently announced a public sale.

According to the company’s website, CitiCash only remains with two main milestones, all which are expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2018. These include listing CitiCash on exchanges to allow trading of the CCH coins, and releasing a web browser wallet that allows users to access their coins anywhere on the internet. So far, the only wallet that’s available for users is a desktop version.

CitiCash Team Members

Although not well-known names in the crypto space, CitiCash network is backed by some brilliant minds. Heading the team is the CEO Miroslav Peraica, a blockchain enthusiast with a master’s degree in International Management.

Others include Oldřich Šálek (CTO), Jan Rákosník (COO), Pavlína Panznerová (marketing manager), and Jan Richter (product manager). The team also comprises of a number of administrators, skilled developers, and graphic designers.

CitiCash Conclusion

By making cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone – both the novice and experienced users – CitiCash may be able to penetrate the market and cover most regions. The company intends to make its CitiCash coin available to anyone across the globe, allowing users to purchase products and services both online and offline.

In addition to this, CitiCash has plans build a feature that allows the CitiCash Wallet to hold more cryptocurrencies, letting users convert them through their wallet. If it manages all these, there’s no doubt it will be a big name in the cryptocurrency scene.

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