Crypto WatchList Q3 – Cardano, VeChain Thor, Zilliqa

The crypto watchlist comprises of three well-placed blockchain projects which have the potential to expand their operations, grow their market capitalization and increase in price in Q3 and beyond. They have a mix of technological features and market position to prime them for big moves, though the cryptocurrency market is volatile, to say the least, and impossible to predict.

Bitcoin still has an overwhelming market share that many other coins could eat into. It should be noted that all major cryptocurrencies are strongly positively correlated to bitcoin, though this will change as the industry diversifies and grows. Cardano and Zilliqa were two of the top 14 cryptocurrencies according to Weiss cryptocurrency ratings, with Cardano coming out on top.

Crypto watchlist #1 – Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is well placed for a variety of reasons. It is the eighth biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Practically every other cryptocurrency in the top ten has got political issues. Ripple is dealing with a third security lawsuit. Tether is drowning amid manipulation allegations. EOS, Tron, and Ethereum are in much politicized, bitter DApp battles. The Bitcoin v Bitcoin Cash civil war is well known, as are Bitcoin mining issues, the EOS constitution crisis, and Tron’s plagiarism.

Cardano has not caused much of a stir, much like Stellar and Litecoin. In fact, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson extended the hand of friendship to Tron by asking Justin Sun to consider Cardano software, saying it could be of benefit. This is a welcome twist from the bitter infighting we have seen within the industry. Hoskinson also met with Google in London, an indication of future synergy. Cardano is a smart contract platform similar to Ethereum. It is the first blockchain project to be created on the basis of peer-reviewed scientific research papers.

Crypto watchlist #2 – VeChain Thor

VeChain Thor (VET) ticks all the boxes. It has virtually no competition, though WaltonChain and Modum are seeking to operate in the same sphere. It has a working product, which is novel in the blockchain sector.  It also happens to be in one of the best possible industries – supply chain logistics – which is huge. This is a sector that is expected to grow exponentially.

VeChain Thor offers companies the ability to track items and ensure quality through all phases of the supply chain using their smart chips. They have been busy forming some strategic partnerships with companies such as PWC and BMW, as well as with the Chinese government. They are aiming to be regulatory compliant in all jurisdictions.

Crypto watchlist #3 – Zilliqa

Zilliqa (ZIL) is one of the quieter coins, currently 27th by market capitalization. Zilliqa seems to be a thoroughly professional outfit that is focused on speed and security. Using the Scilla programming language, the smart contracts developed on the Zilliqa blockchain are supposed to have the highest security features possible. Smart contract security is going to be a massive concern in future and is sorely needed.

While many projects are talking about sharding, Zilliqa has implemented sharding on its testnet since April. They are the cryptocurrency leaders in sharding implementation and don’t advertise it that much. Like Cardano, Zilliqa does not seem overly politicized and does not resort to clever marketing tactics to tout its supremity. It seems to be focused on building the fastest and most secure network possible. Transaction speeds of 2000 tps were achieved in stress tests. Though an exact date has not been given, the Zilliqa mainnet is expected to launch in Q3, which will boost adoption.

The dark horses

For blockchain projects with serious upside potential, CyberVein and Lexit are among the best up and coming organizations, and like VeChain Thor, both have little or no competition. CyberVein is aiming to revolutionize the way data is stored and monetized with a series of interconnected and immutable databases, using a DAG infrastructure in tandem with smart contracts.

Lexit is revolutionizing the M&A industry, reducing fees, eliminating lawyers and lengthy procedures, and making the sale and purchase of companies are streamlined on one accessible platform. They could potentially generate the best returns from the crypto watch list, though they are less established right now.

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