Cobrabytes (COBRA Token): Decentralized Blockchain Crypto Platform?

What Is Cobrabytes?

CobraBytes (COBRA) is a digital, blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to provide instant payments with reduced transaction fees. The project seeks to provide a simple payment process and to help members consistently grow their mutual funds. CobraBytes utilizes an advanced crypto trading algorithm that delivers nearly 100% accuracy. So, what does COBRA offer that makes it stand out as a stable digital currency in 2018?

CobraBytes is a fast platform with minimal fees on transactions. Importantly, the platform is transparent, with a committed developer team and all the necessary wallets. Currently, there’s a total supply of 99 million COBRA pre-mined.

Cobrabytes COBRA Token

Making any product a success comes with associated costs. For the COBRA coin, the team is committed to making the coin popular and growing its value. As such, they pay wages and mining services, website hosting and many other expenses. All the same, the team is committed to marketing the coin to common people, not targeting those who are already in the crypto space. COBRA targets gamers, athletes, and musicians.

With a long-term focus, COBRA is not the coin for those who are looking for quick profits. The team currently focuses on marketing and promoting the coin so it can achieve widespread adoption, after which it will grow in value.

How CobraBytes Decentralized Blockchain Crypto Platform Works

Interested people can be part of the COBRA community through the following ways:


With staking, it’s quite simple to earn because all you have to do is to keep your coins in the CobraBytes wallet. Through POS mining, users could earn up to 777% return per year.


If you decide to mine the COBRA coin, then you have to join a mining pool, where a group of miners pools their resources together to mine the cryptocurrency. The rewards are distributed individually account to the contributions of each member.


In addition to mining and staking, you can earn COBRA coins through trading. This involves buying the coins at a lower price and selling them at a higher value. COBRA is already listed on various crypto exchanges and you can buy and sell the coin from various points to make a profit. It’s equally possible to earn COBRA through Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work mining.

Cobrabytes Features


CobraBytes is faster compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It comes with a blockchain capability that surpasses Bitcoin and other digital assets when it comes to transaction speed.


CobraBytes uses both PoW and PoS mining protocols to secure a network that enables both miners and owners to earn interest through transaction fees or mining rewards.

Minimum Transaction Fees

With CobraBytes, users can make payments with very low transaction fees. All transactions remain between users, which is made possible by the blockchain technology.


CobraBytes comes with a complete replay protection to protect the safety of the platform. Besides, it has unique wallet addresses and essential features to guard its users against malicious attacks and threats.

Cobrabytes Conclusion

Importantly, the COBRA platform is transparent and supported by a growing community and an active team of developers and advisors. Through its web wallet, it’s easy to send COBRA coins to both merchants, friends, and family as long as you are connected to the internet.

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