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One of the downsides to Cardano that is constantly thrown out there is that it has no working product. The other negative side to it that critiques like to throw around is that it is not decentralized yet. But for long-term investors, all these supposedly negative sides to Cardano (ADA) are actually a good reason to invest in it. That’s because once the project is complete and these issues are no longer a factor, then the price of Cardano will be hundreds, if not thousands of times what it is today. The opportunity to invest and make a significant return at that point will be long gone. It is those who get in now that will reap maximum returns from their investments in Cardano (ADA).

The whole idea is to think like a venture capital firm. These firms get into a tech project when it is still in the formative stages.  By the time the project hits the mass market, venture firms are usually in the money, with minimal risk of loss from that point on. Cardano is presenting a similar opportunity to retail investors. At the moment, Cardano is still a work-in-progress. It is not yet decentralized, and it doesn’t have a working product. But these are short-term issues.

By Q4 of 2019, Cardano will have solved pretty much all the problems that most blockchains are struggling with today. For instance, Cardano is solving the problem of scalability, which is a real challenge today.  Through extensive research and a peer-reviewed process, Cardano has created Ouroboros, the first scientifically proven and verified proof-of-stake mining algorithm.

This makes it a highly scalable project that also maintains a level of decentralization and security that is similar to that of bitcoin.  On top of that, part of the Cardano roadmap entails Shelley going live in 2019. This will make the project truly decentralized and ADA holders will be in a position to stake their ADA coins and earn a passive income. Once these are all completed, businesses will start coming in and start running applications on the Cardano blockchain. These are all factors that that will play a huge role in driving up the value of Cardano in coming years, and long-term investors will see major gains to their investments.

The biggest challenge for most people is that they can’t conceptualize the long-term possibilities of the Cardano project.  The idea of fast money that most investors are accustomed to, may not work so well with Cardano. That’s because Cardano is a work-in-progress, and will remain so, for a good chunk of 2019.

But long-term, Cardano can easily do $5 and above, if it’s past performance is anything to go by. Cardano (ADA) made it to $1 when most of its current accomplishments were not even developed. Going by this performance, it then follows that once it completes all its developments and starts gaining in adoption, it could easily gain so much more, even $5 and above could be possible. Charles and the IOHK are building something incredible, and long-term HODLERs could be in for a life-changing opportunity.

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