Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) Successfully Forks Blockchain

With renewed community interest, the price of Bitcoin-sCrypt has skyrocketed in value since 2016, with the biggest price gains after the recent December 2017 announcement of the Bitcoin-sCrypt revival:

Jan 2016:  1 BTCS = $0.0003
Jan 2017:  1 BTCS = $0.0015
Jan 2018:  1 BTCS = $0.1000

With faster transaction times and lower transaction fees than Bitcoin-core, Bitcoin-sCrypt is billed as the more useful alternative. 

The development team has also announced additional new features to the blockchain and the wallet to keep Bitcoin-sCrypt mining and development more decentralized than Bitcoin-core. 

These new features include a move from the pure Proof-of-Work mining algo to a Proof-of-Stake hybrid, to allow coin holders to stake their coins, thereby shifting power away from concentrated mining pools.  In addition, the developers plan to add the CryptoVoter™ blockchain voting protocol directly to the wallet client to allow decentralized blockchain-voting on development issues directly through the wallet client so that the community can collectively decide the future direction of the coin.

The Bitcoin-sCrypt community has shown parabolic grown since the announcement of its revival in December of 2017, with active user involvement in their Telegram and Discord channels.  The community is also working to have the Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) coin listed on more exchanges this year.

Analysts predict that this renewed community interest in Bitcoin-sCrypt, combined with the new development team and the newly announced blockchain updates, will result in a tremendous increase in the value of Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) this year. 

Now may be the best time to be able to buy and hold Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) while it is still the affordable Bitcoin for the masses.

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Official Website:
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Exchanges:  Cryptopia, C-Cex and TradeSatoshi

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Jim Joseph

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